Scientist Vanishes Seeking Out Big Clocks

Christian Cawley
Tremas became interested in big clocks

Nyssa of Traken has recalled the last time she saw her father on this arbitrary annivesary of his vanishing from the consul quarters.

“He told me there was a new clock he was interested in,” Nyssa told us, “and he absolutely had to go and see it. He said it was very large, a really impressive piece of polished wood, and the top seemed sticky.”

“It was a surprise as he’d never shown any particular interest in timepieces before, big clocks or small.” After a moment, she added: “Although we have just lost my step-mother in quite unusual circumstances.”

“Anyway, Father said I should go on without him, but when I went to check his room, there was no sign of him or the big sticky clock he’d seemed so interested in.”

Rumours her father now rides around the galaxy on a big sticky clock and calling himself “Master” have been vociferously denied.

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