Supreme Dalek Defends Davros Knighthood

Christian Cawley
Sir Davros

Following the Dalek Emperor’s New Year’s honour for esteemed geneticist and architect of the Dalek race Davros, the Supreme Dalek has thrown its weight behind the award.

Citing his role as the “one of the toughest jobs in the universe” the Supreme Dalek added that the move was “respectul… And I think it’s a fitting tribute to the job he has carried out.”

Since establishing the Dalek race, Davros has masterminded the total obliteration of the Thal race, spearheaded the conquest of several solar systems, and established an inexhaustible supply of rice pudding.

A spokesgron for the Ogrons observed that the knighthood is a “kick in the teeth for Thals” but this complaint has fallen short given the lack of actual living Thals. Davros is expected to receive his knighthood in 166 Rels.

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