Clones of Deceased Suburban Engineer “Jim Robinson” Found in Positions of Power

Christian Cawley

Government scientists claim that the DNA of a mild-mannered Australian man who died almost 30 years ago has been used to create an army of clones designed to subvert democracy, freedom, and civilization itself.

Professor Max Ramsay, formerly of NASA, has spent the past 15 years tracking down incidents of the clones, who Ramsay and his team refer to as “Jim Robinsons.” Having been installed in positions of power on both sides of the Atlantic, the clones have overseen actions from all levels of government.

“The original Jim Robinson was a typical suburban dad, a widower, but passionate about his work. These clones, however, appear to be programmed with some sort of latent task: the acquisition of power.”

Examples of the clones include a publishing magnate, a biochemist and molecular biologist, and even a Joint Chief of Staff in the White House. “Jim Robinson Prime was a normal guy, but these clones all appear to owe their existence to some malevolent force.”

There is also a former NCIS and NSA director who was brutally murdered in a terror attack five years ago who appears to be one of the Jim Robinsons.

Despite the stunning photographic evidence, Ramsay has no idea who could be behind the conspiracy. “Why this guy? We don’t know. My colleague, Dr Bishop, reckons it could be an elaborate scheme to gain influence by a shady conglomerate called the Daniels Corporation, but we can’t even figure out what they do, never mind why they would use this guy.”

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