Alien Mushrooms Caused Brexit, Trump, and Jim Davidson

Christian Cawley

A breed of alien mushroom has been identified as the cause of Brexit, the 2016 election of Donald Trump, and comedian Jim Davidson. To find out more you simply cannot miss the no-doubt inspiring and life-affirming event “Othering Mushrooms: Migratism and its racist entanglements in the Brexit campaign” with Dr […]

PM Monoid Adopts Stop-Motion Cheese Eating Plasticine Avatar

Christian Cawley

Prime Minister Monoid has completed a radical makeover aimed at making his physical appearance more appealing, according to Downing Street insiders. While his one-eyed appearance is believed to dissuade voters, the more natural pallid texture and addiction to Wensleydale is considered “endearing” say Downing Street sources, who admit to referring […]

“John Barrowman Declaration” Erased By Google

Christian Cawley

TV star John Barrowman has been left “confused and somewhat deranged” over news that Google has erased the John Barrowman Declaration at a time when TV work is at a premium. The declaration, which states the trans-Atlantic Scottish star must appear on political shows to share his deeply held political […]

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