Scientist Vanishes Seeking Out Big Clocks

Christian Cawley

Nyssa of Traken has recalled the last time she saw her father on this arbitrary annivesary of his vanishing from the consul quarters. “He told me there was a new clock he was interested in,” Nyssa told us, “and he absolutely had to go and see it. He said it […]

Alien Mushrooms Caused Brexit, Trump, and Jim Davidson

Christian Cawley

A breed of alien mushroom has been identified as the cause of Brexit, the 2016 election of Donald Trump, and comedian Jim Davidson. To find out more you simply cannot miss the no-doubt inspiring and life-affirming event “Othering Mushrooms: Migratism and its racist entanglements in the Brexit campaign” with Dr […]

Witch Issues Stunning US Election Prediction

Christian Cawley

A white witch has issued a warning sent from beyond the grave to Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Found in her nightclothes by family in a petrified state, Martha Tyler (105), of Fetchborough, Hampshire, claimed that she had been visited by a “wicked old devil” that was “hungry for [her] […]

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