Supreme Dalek Defends Davros Knighthood

Christian Cawley

Following the Dalek Emperor’s New Year’s honour for esteemed geneticist and architect of the Dalek race Davros, the Supreme Dalek has thrown its weight behind the award. Citing his role as the “one of the toughest jobs in the universe” the Supreme Dalek added that the move was “respectul… And […]

Dalek Emperor Promises Thals “will have rights”

Christian Cawley

Following the shock withdrawal of Earth and Draconian forces from the Dalek home planet of Skaro, the newly reinstated Emperor Dalek has offered a tentacle of friendship. Confirming Thals “will have rights” on the new Skaro, the Emperor emphasized his willingness to work with other groups. Recognizing that Earth and […]

Scientist Vanishes Seeking Out Big Clocks

Christian Cawley

Nyssa of Traken has recalled the last time she saw her father on this arbitrary annivesary of his vanishing from the consul quarters. “He told me there was a new clock he was interested in,” Nyssa told us, “and he absolutely had to go and see it. He said it […]

Inspiration for New Feminist Barbie Revealed

Christian Cawley

The inspiration for the new incarnation of Mattel’s iconic Barbie doll has been revealed. No longer a blonde bimbo bombshell, Barbie now has striking feminist credentials, and is based on former bus conductor Olive Rudge of Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. Now CEO of a successful Web 2.0 courier service, Ms Rudge told […]

Angry AntiVrax Protesters Accuse BBC of Genocide

Christian Cawley

Stunning scenes in Central London yesterday as the unwashed hordes descended upon the long-vacated BBC Television Centre. It turned out, however, that protestors had found themselves outside the wrong address for the BBC, with Television Centre now a collection of small TV studios and flats. Unwilling to be put off, […]

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